I’ve Had Good

Submitted by The Sexy Poet. You can check out her book and work here

I’ve had good sex. I mean reeeeeealy good sex. I’m talking about toe-curling, eye rolling consciousness losing, coming to on the floor of the bedroom closet, good sex.

I’ve had good sex with boys and good sex with men and experience does not necessarily come with age, at least not when it comes to sex. I’ve had good sex while in love and good sex while not, and love does not make sex better, sex makes love better.

I’ve had good sex. Lots of difference experiences of really good sex. Variety is the spice of a good sex life. I don’t mean a variety of partners. I’m not that kind of girl. I mean a variety of position, of speed, of rhythm, of force, of lighting, of mood, of day, of place, of length, of amount…well you get the picture. Can the same two people enjoy that much variety? Sure! it’s the other stuff that determines the success or failure of the relationship. I’ve never heard of a couple breaking up because the sex was um…too good.

I’ve had good sex. I’ve had really good, make a porn star blush sex. I’ve had naughty, freaky, spank me, slap your mama, good sex. Dress up sex. I’ve been the cheerleader, the school girl, the hot teacher and the policewoman with tie me up, tie me down sex. Don’t just fantasize! Be the fantasy, live the fantasy, and soon the fantasy is your reality.

I’ve had good sex. I’ve had stay in the bed all weekend sex. I’ve had don’t eat, don’t sleep, just have sex all day and night sex. I’ve had break the bed, scratch the walls, damage the floor, shatter the earth, good sex. I’ve had can’t walk straight, can’t sit down, send me spinning, put my vortex out of commission, sex. I’ve had some really, really good sex. In fact I think I’ll go have some right now.