The Wild Cherry

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She had him exactly where she wanted him.

His eyes were dilated as if he were hypnotized. She thought to herself how funny men were, how they prided themselves on being such hunters. If she didn’t think he’d take it so hard and get in his feelings, she’s laugh in his face.

There was no mistaking it, it was her show.

She laid back on the bed, making sure to open her legs just so. Her kitty was sitting pretty in the Argent Provocateur lingerie he’d bought her just for this occasion. The polish on her mani-pedi was a deep red to match the lingerie. Her ideas, his agreement. Seemingly, in slow motion, she reached for a bowl of maraschino cherries that set on the night stand. She could see the way his breathing had become heavy. She smiled languidly. Her succulent lips beckoning him like a moth to a flame. More like a wildfire. She tossed her head back and inched a plump cherry towards her mouth. It was if she could sense the rapid beating of his heart. It was everything.

In one fluid movement he grabbed the bowl of cherries, sat them on the bed, and gently touched her face. He traced his fingers along her wet mouth. He looked deeply into her eyes. He was more confident now. He reached his broad hands into the bowl and picked a cherry more voluptuous than the one she’d chosen. He bit into it, the juices running slowly down the corners of his mouth. She batted her long eyelashes and tilted her head.

He was someone else altogether. A stranger. Beautiful and mysterious. She drew in closer to his face and licked the remnants of the juice. He closed his eyes as her hot tongue sucked  and licked at his mouth. He put the cherry up to her mouth again and she ate the rest, then nibbled his finger ever so softly. Who’d have thought  that the right comment on her Facebook post would come to this.

Rolls Ross
Copyright© 6/1/2015