Weed and Chocolate

Submitted by TheMotherFuckingPoet

The split personality of addiction
The taste of bliss
Mind controlling
Pulse altering
Dark, smoky, warmth
So much like love making
Sweet… sticky… loud… Thick…
Descriptions are fitting
Give me your addiction
I want it to fuel me up
We never know the motivation that controls us
We always think our actions are our own
The feeling is our own
Our bodies are our own
But we are under the influence all along
Not caring
Not thinking
I know better than to trust
I know better than to thrust
Uppers and downers make strange bedfellows
But inebriation makes strange… fellows… bed
Your motives are my motives
And my motives are nothing new
I still want to get Chocolate wasted
On your skin devoid of luminescence
Dazed and confused
I threw away my soul
I tried to find it but it grew unreflective
On the darkest shades of green
The darkest shades of dark
The deepest shades of you
No reflective sparks recede back from your dermal abyss
Nothing is different, but everything is
Weed and chocolate cause such euphoria
Such mind fracturing endorphins of joy
10 minutes can feel like forever
And forever can feel like your touch
And smell like your herb
And taste like your Godiva
Face first into your chocolate trenches
Trying to find your creamy center
Like slow stirred polenta
I plunge deeper still, trying to find the real you
I could search every inch of you
Until I find you
But that’s to sobering
I’d rather be under the influence
Clear head, no
I think… not
I just enjoy
Your sweet is dripping from my lips
And your smell is tattooed in my skin
And your aroma has filled my lungs
They will forever say how harmful you both are
And they will forever say how habit forming
You both can be
But we entangle, us three
And they can synthesize you
And they can find a sugar substitute
But there is no replacing
I am engulfed in the original
I cherish your bad habits
I drown for your dank and your dark skin
For your loud and for your love…
for you both…
Weed and chocolate.