4 AM

It’s 4 AM
I’m rolling around in my sleep, reaching for you

Vivid memories of when you were last here

My craving is undeniable

I want to be next to you badly

To wake you from your sleep as I grab you closely

Wrap my teeth and lips around your neck and bite slowly, suck softly…

Wrapping my hands around your waist as I slide your wet abyss

I want to moan from just the sensation of your pussy claiming me

I want to grind hard and deep, with my entire body wrapped around yours

My hands on your breasts, squeezing

My fingers on your nipples, rubbing and flicking, adding to the tremors your body keeps making

I need to feel the pleasure each stroke is giving you

Tell your pussy to explain how necessary my dick is after each moan

Eat me alive. Drown me. This seduction is so delicious.

I want more. I can’t control this urge.

It’s 4 AM. I’m alone in this bed,

horny to my it’s end, searching for you.