Respectfully submitted by The Passion Poet. His work can be found on the web here –  http://www.facebook.com/EroticEmpire

Reading you exposes you
And turns me on
My mental voyeurism on high alert
As my eyes ravage the pink petals of your pages
I can see you spread wide for me
Each word exposing more of you to my greedy nature
My eyes dilate, tongue peeking out as I pant
My desire hardens and stiffens with every sentence
Scraping slowly along synapses
Making me shiver with the inner resolve
To not release too fast
Wanting to make the mental mindgasms last
As long as possible
Until I finally plunge deep within your pleasantries
Pulling the panties off your mind
To find the sexy secrets you hide
Behind the curvature of your signature
And making your poetic phrases my greedy oral fixation
Until your rhythmic flow
Dribbles sexily down my shaft
As our connection cums to
Our combined creamy conclusion.

(c) PassionPoet 2017