In Progress

Submitted by #FigureForeplay

It wasn’t enough. It was a fragment. 

A sepia hued piece of a larger puzzle. 

Brown skin wrapped in cold steel gripping polished brass. 

Mouth agape. Head cocked back. 

She was perched upon her faceless subject in the throws of an orgasm frozen in time. 

I stared at the photo until I could almost hear her moan. The clank of the headboard against the walls. The tension of his chains. 

My mind wandered beyond the boarders in search of her flesh.

Her cinnamon folds inviting his rigid compliance into her saturated sanctum.

Her breasts cascading into a bounty of hazel divinity. 

Her hips making the bed sing with each advance and retreat of her grand armada. 

Waves of authority crashing against a helpless but grateful coast baptized in her grace