So you just gonna double-tap the pieces of my soul so casually?

Invade my carefully curated fantasy life and think I won’t notice your face pressed up against my digital canvas over and over and over taunting me with what seems so close but too far away to taste?

You’re going to just leave me at the bus stop waiting in heat then show up 16 wheels deep, giving me all of these options knowing I can only ride one at a time?

Then pull out just as quickly as you came…Leaving me on the corner covered in the sticky residue of your passing attention.

While you scroll my photos with the fingers you fuck yourself with…the fingers you grab my throat with…the fingers you stroke his dick with…the fingers you grab her ass with…the fingers you flip me off with every time you go away…ask yourself…now that you’ve touched me…now that you’ve “liked” me…now that you’ve left your lipstick on my collar…

why the fuck…didn’t you say hello.

Submitted by #FigureForeplay