Work Ethic

Respectfully submitted by #FigureForeplay…

She had lips like plums and honey butter skin that was brown with yellow undertones. Her grandfather was a Chinese sailor who laid with a beautiful Jamaican woman who was as brown and rich as the earth that kissed her feet as she strolled to the market.

We used to call eyes like hers chinky until we learned better. She smiled anyway. She was old enough to not be offended and those eyes got her anything she wanted from the boys at her southern high school. 

She was one of the best customer service reps in the company and most days she practically sang into the phone as she dealt with our crazy clients, but some days the Jamaican spice came out. Her words were clipped and short like breath in the high mountains where the air was thin.

It was nearing the end of the fiscal quarter and she was tired. I offered her solice in the form of a kind word and occasional piece of fruit or such treat to help pass the time and raise her blood sugar a bit. She was grateful for the food and the conversation. Occasioanlly her language was colored with a wink of mischief…

I indulged her without taking her too seriously. Was just jokes, right? And she never met a pair of heels she didn’t like and her hips would test gravity with each step. We used to call girls like her bowlegged until we saw what they grew up to be. Unicorns. Magical prancing unicorns with denim strides. I followed her one day as she made her rounds, closing  the offices and straightening the chairs from the days meetings. Our regular receptionist was on maternity leave so she pitched in until the temp got her shit together. I offered to help but she insisted that she liked it. To put things in order. In their place.

Our talks turned to texts as she befriended me on one of those many digital distractions. And that allowed our 9-to-5 tango to extend into the night time hours. A smiley face here. a titillating meme there.

And one day the jokes became a dare.

One too many jokes about thinking with my smaller head and she just called my bluff. “lemme see yours.”

I re-read the text about 10 times knowing damn well how I wanted to respond but I waited. “My what? my sense of humor? my long memory? “

She parried. “You scared?”

She knew that would get me, but I needed to regain some leverage if I was going to literally put myself out there. “Say it.”  “Say what?” “That you want to see my dick.” And I must have taken 10 minutes to type those four letters. And it felt like another 10 before she replied, not with a word, but with a photo. Nothing more salacious than a vivid closeup of her lips. That’s all. Nothing else. Shiny and ripe. I throbbed immediately pulling down my boxer briefs and pointed my phone at my brown booty ambassador. 

I stuck my arm out and took a few to make sure I got the whole thing in the frame and pushed send.

And I waited. and waited. Regret turned to fear as I realized I’d just violated about eight company policies.

Then she finally responded in defiance. “That ain’t you.”

I typed back incredulously that I never lied on my dick and I most defiitely didnt have random pics of other dudes dicks on my phone. “I told you it curved. Look. “

I could almost hear her exhale in her text as she wrote. “That shit is big.”

I smiled to myself but still wondered how this was gonna play out. I was going to see this woman at work tomorrow and she’d now seen my erect penis. Not just seen, but had a self portrait of The Brothers Johnson. What. Had. I. Done?

I thought fast. And started to type “It feels even better than it looks…” but before I could hit send she wrote a singular command that to this day makes me hard at the memory. “More…”.

I walked into work the next day like it was the last day of school and I was a graduating senior who had run out of fucks.

This might be my last day in this bitch but imma enjoy it. I dropped my bag at my desk, walked to the coffee machine and there she was.

She was stading on a ladder with one foot up on the second rung. Only a 4-inch pair of snakeskin sandals kept her from falling. She smiled good morning as she pulled the coffee k-cups from the top shelf.

I put my hand in the small of her back and helped her down. With both feet firmly on the floor she struck a cocky but welcoming pose as she glanced down and asked “Wattup Big D?” 

I had a nickname now? I stand an easy 6 ft and wear a size 13 boot but she’d never called me big before.

I had no snappy comeback so I just smiled and stared. She peeked around the corner to see if anyone was coming and gave the tent I’d pitched a pat and grab. “I’ll see you later.”

The next six hours were the longest day of my adult working life. I swear for god I could hear the the lights flicker in my office for the first time. I noticed everything because I knew at 4:30 nothing would be the same.

After nodding through my last meeting of the day I glanced at my phone to see if I had any messages from her. Nothing. So I acted like I had to use the bathroom and walked by her desk. Her forehead wrinkled as she listened to whoever was on the line as she typed away. She was putting out a fire, but all I could think about was the one in my pants. She finally took notice that I was standing and mouthed “hold on.”  I stood sentry until she hung up, cussed and  stood up. “Come with me.” I certainly hoped to. 

She lead me through a gauntlet of conference rooms until we reached one I’d never been in before. When she took my hand her fingers felt warm. It was the first time she touched me and I hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

She finally pushed me through a large door and pinned me to the wall. She made one lap around the room closing the shades before hovering right back to me. She plopped herself in the chair and leaned forward with her hands clasped. “Ok, let me see ii.” If I wasn’t already hard hearing, her say that made me swell.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped and let my semi hang so she could get a look but as soon as she reached out to grab it the draw bridge to Arkham Aslyum went all the way up. “Damn this shit big,” she said with a mix of awe and familiarity. She was more relieved than impressed. Her eyes said this wasn’t the biggest anaconda she’d held but it was one of the bigger ones. She grunted in approval and her bracelets jangled as she stroked me. “Mmm hmm.”  I moaned as she took me in her hands and inspected every vein. Her hands were warm but her rings were cold somehow.  I glanced around to kind of remind us of where we were and tried to remember if she’d locked the door. But before I could lose myself in worry she took me into her mouth. 

Those lips. Fuck. I watched my length slide between them and I felt my heart go Thumper in my chest. It felt like the first time I tasted cake but instead the cake was tasting me. If sweet had a feeling this was it. She folded her lips back and forth across my shaft cradling my head with her tongue as she withdrew. Then just abruptly as she started she stopped and stood up. She leaned in to make me taste myself on her lips as she slid her jeans down. She turned and braced herself against one of the chairs as she bent over. There was an instant eclipse as her new yellow moon rose. Her ass was smooth, round and inviting as a caramel cheesecake. I crouched to give it a quick kiss and lick just to see if it was real. It was. Before I knew it I was nose deep between her cheeks doing the unthinkable. “You nasty. Hurry up…” I happily obliged sliding myself between the only lips that were fuller than the ones on her face. I only got in my head initially, but inched myself in deeper with each thrust letting my pants fall fully to my ankles for full range of motion. She whipped out one of her titties and started squeezing it as I slammed into her repeatedly from behind. “Harder….yes…that feels good…don’t stop.” The slap of my flesh against hers echoed in the otherwise empty room so I slowed down and traded speed for power, making sure my head tickled her ribs with each thrust. “You gonna cum for me?” she asked looking back at me with anticipation. I had been holding back as much as I could but with the green light I spit on my fingers,leaned into her, and reached around her waist until I could feel her pussy. I massaged her clit with circular motions as my legs pumped up and in as deep as I could, my other hand slipped into her mouth as she swallowed a gasp. She bit down as I evicted all of my patients from the asylum in spasms of relief and disbelief. What in the fuck was that? 

I watched myself slide out of her wet hot pocket and she turned around with a smirk. “You lasted longer than I expected…” 

“Thanks? I think?” I managed to quip as I zipped myself up. 

“You good. Next time you gonna eat me out first.”

“Next time.” Is all I heard. But I definitely did eat her out the next time. And the time after that. I may never leave this job. The benefits are just too good.